Introducing ELM Home Series MicroGrids

Short clip featuring more information on our Home Series MicroGrids. 



ELM is excited to announce the launch of our Home Series MicroGrid Energy Storage Solutions, which can operate both in grid-tied or fully off grid applications. As with our commercial MiroGrid products, the Home Series provides uninterrupted power backup for the entire home utilizing solar, battery and even generators when utility power goes out, while also reducing your energy bill when the grid is connected. We’ve uploaded a short clip to our YouTube channel highlighting the benefits of the H-Series. For more information, check out our products page or email us.

The specs page for the Home Series are available here.

ELM MicroGrid Packages provide our customers with energy independence and resiliency in a safe, reliable and complete solution they can trust. Our factory built and tested units, installed and supported by ELM Certified Dealers, are designed for both commercial and residential use and are backed by a 10-year warranty. Additionally, our MicroGrid Site Controller and FieldSight cloud provide 24/7 health and performance monitoring so you can rest easy knowing your energy security is in good hands.

All ELM MicroGrid packages integrate seamlessly with pre-existing or new onsite energy production sources such as solar, wind or generators to provide you with your own independent Microgrid, freeing you from dependence on your utility provider.