About Microgrids


ELM FieldSight’s MicroGrid site controller uses best in class hardware in combination with sophisticated backend architecture and communication interfaces to enable the operator to efficiently monitor and control their various MicroGrid assets from a single portal. ELM’s team of engineers and partners have the knowledge and experience needed to provide a tailored solution for any application. Providing complete services from design through install and support assures reliable operation of your MicroGrid.

Key Features


  • Generation Optimization and Balancing
  • Automatically maximize the use of renewables in generation profile
  • Optimize operation of traditional fossil based generation
  • Reduce total operating costs and Green House Gas Emissions
  • Increased Power Reliability
  • Maintain a consistent power source no matter the status of “grid” power
  • Easily create “Islanded” MicroGrids when required
  • Manage power demand to match available power supply reducing grid instability
  • FieldSight Energy Insight
  • The FieldSight portal gives MicroGrid operators the ability to make educated decisions and validate and track activities
  • Regardless of equipment type, monitor and control all MicroGrid assets in a single portal



  • Off the Grid MicroGrid Installations
  • Create consistent “islanded” power when utility power isn’t available
  • Maximize the production of available renewables
  • Increase power reliability through complete MicroGrid monitoring and control
  • Grid-Tied MicroGrid Installations
  • Maintain a consistent power source no matter the status of utility power
  • Use On-Site Generation when utility power is most expensive
  • Maximize the return on investment from On-Site Generation
  • Distributed Generation
  • Create a revenue source from your Generation assets by selling back to the Utility
  • Autonomous dispatch of generation assets when economics justify operation


Assets Control and logic Communications
Diesel Generation Remote Start and Stop Wi-Fi
Solar /PV Generation Load Forecasting Cellular
WM Generation Optimal Power ItespatchlRe Land Line
Distributed Battery Storage Power Reliability Network Hardwire
Industrial Load Isochr000us Generation Control Satellite
Combined Heat and Power Systems    
Transmission and Switch Assets