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Green Alternatives, Inc

702 E Columbia St., Flora, IN 46929

Green Alternatives, Inc. was founded on the mission of providing the highest quality clean energy technology in the Hoosier state.  GAI’s founders, Chris Rohaly and Neal Rhodes, brought a combined 60 years of electrical design, implementation, and trouble-shooting experience and focused that expertise on what they saw as the energy source of the future. After Neal’s sudden passing in 2019, GAI strives to honor Neal’s legacy as a part of our core vision. Now led by company President Chris Rohaly, our expert team knows how to bring your solar project to life! Our certified installers can handle any project, no matter the degree of technicality. We like to say we specialize in the full spectrum of solar offerings, from kilowatt to megawatt, installing a solar panel on a family’s home to save on their electricity bill to successfully executing larger projects for commercial and agricultural customers to power their operations and reduce their carbon footprint. We are here to save our customers money, provide fairly-priced products and have a lasting positive impact on the environment through renewable energy.

When you work with GAI, you partner with a company that places accuracy and integrity first and foremost into everything we do. We know solar energy projects are huge undertakings, and we make our customers’ decisions to invest in solar the easiest one they will make for their home, business or farm. Our customers become part of the Green Alternatives family. Our relationship with you doesn’t end when the last panel is installed!

Launching Green Alternatives represented a change in career paths for Chris. He had always held the environment as a top priority (his “green” streak, if you will.) To him, nature represented calm as the U.S. economy struggled under the weight of the Great Recession of 2008. With the economy in crisis, Chris switched gears and entered the renewable energy field at first for a personal reason. His parents were losing their retirement funds as the stock market tumbled. Armed with more than 30 years of electrical design and implementation experience, he turned to solar in a search of ways to lower their monthly living expenses.

Fast forward a decade or so, and now Chris’s passion for creating efficiencies in people’s lives led to a growing company that has now serviced the Indiana market since 2008!

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