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Highbourne Cay

Exumas, Bahamas


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Lowest Cost of Energy microgrid
70% offset of diesel consumption by solar energy
Environmental benefits and financial performance
Low-risk project delivery with high client satisfaction


A world-renowned resort, Highbourne Cay is the gateway to one of the crown jewels of the Bahamas – the Exuma Cays. While its remoteness and crystal-clear sea makes it a luxury playground for big-game fishing and relaxing on pristine beaches, it also makes it impossible to connect to any existing energy grid. Like many island communities, every light bulb and outlet on the island has been powered by a diesel generator running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That is until they partnered with Azimuth Energy to install an ELM Microgrid system in 2021. Since then, diesel fuel consumption has been cut by 2/3 on an annual basis and some days the generators do not run at all thanks to the sun powering the entire island including the yacht marina, the bar and restaurant, guest villas, laundry, and more. With one low-risk project Highbourne Cay has greatly reduced their operating expenses, maintenance costs, and risk of diesel fuel spills while also improving their guest experience by making the whole island quieter and cleaner.

Project awards: 2022 Caribbean Microgrid of the Year award at the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum conference 

Photos by Marc Lopata.

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